My Friends!

I have so many friends it is not even funny. I am only going to mention a few names that have turned my life around.

Travis:This is my boyfriend. He makes me feel happy about my self, wonderful about who I am! I love him to death!

Beautiful: Her name is really Allysha. She is my Beautiful Allysha and I am her Beautiful Tre! Beautiful makes me happy when I am sad and understands me. She is crazy just like me! I love her to death!

Alaina:  I love She is an amazing friend. Her nickname is Speedy Jelli and I am Skippy Peanut Butter. She sticks up for me when I want it. And she will kick anybody's ass if they are being a bitch to me or to one of her friends!

Demi: I love Demi. She can get really pissed off and be mean to you but she is always nice to you afterwards. I know it is not the best thing but she has potentials! She doesn't care what she looks like, if people make fun of her, or if she is hated, she will just turn around and punch your face in if you make fun of her!

 These are the people I love the most and that have turned my life around. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be this way!

My Song

At school one day we just decided to make a song about me! So you know the tune to the Song A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris well we made the song like that but instead it is.............

Tre Bay Bay A Bay Bay, Tre Bay Bay A Bay Bay, we're in the school yelling Tre Bay Bay A Bay Bay!

Love ya much, thanks for checkin out my webpage!